Unity Lowrider Car club - FAQ about the forum and joining

a little bit of information about this Forum and also about the club in general.

Unity Lowrider Car club - FAQ about the forum and joining

Postby jon » Fri Jul 14, 2006 1:00 pm

here's a few notes about the club.

We were established in 1997, in our early years our membership peaked at 80 members although not all of these were active, it appeared that Lowriding was the new 'fad' in the UK that many people wanted to be associated with but had no real ambition of owning, let alone building a lowrider and the club became a little un-focused so we filtered out the wannabe's from the genuine enthusiasts, tightened up the guidelines to suit and we're now back on track with more dedicated members and thats just the way we like it,quality not quanitity.

The club is open to all Lowrider enthusiasts, there is no 'snobbery' about cars or ability and individuality is encouraged, all members are dedicated to making their car the best it can be, and there is plenty of help on tap from other club members to help achieve the high standards they require.

We have a following chapter of the club based in the Netherlands and the club is known and well acknowledged by many of the 'superclubs' around the world, we value our reputation and status in the world wide lowrider community.

When you register on this forum, you have only become a member of the forum, not a member of the club and as such, you are not eligible for a plaque or club discounts. You can, however, post to your hearts content and start to get involved. To become a club member requires dedication, attendance of shows and events and then a vote by the current members of the club. We find that this engenders a better sense of community within the club and gives you the option to withdraw if you feel its not for you.

Too apply for an account so you can post on this forum please email ME and include your desired User Name and Car Details.
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